Employment and training

Lords debates future of trade unions

Peers discuss 100th anniversary of the International Labour Organisation

Lords debates business and employment growth

Members discuss encouraging growth and job creation

Statement as Government announce Higher Technical Education reform

Government announces proposals for Higher Technical Qualifications

Lords debates workplace opportunities for young people

Peers discuss the Apprenticeship Levy

Lords debates post-18 education and funding

Members discuss review led by Philip Augar

More employment and training

Title Date
Lloyds Bank in Parliament for questions on executive pension levels 18.06.2019
Lords discuss inequality since financial crisis 14.06.2019
Lords debates public services and support for the elderly 14.06.2019
NDAs: Government must end cover-up culture over discrimination and harassment cases 11.06.2019
Members discuss latest employment figures 07.06.2019
MPs hold debate on Mineworkers' Pension Scheme 07.06.2019