House of Lords questions government on 20 May

Members quiz the government on Covid-19 in a virtual session

Education Secretary questioned over plans to reopen schools

Layla Moran MP asked an urgent question about Government guidance allowing some schools to reopen

Lords debates educational opportunities

Members focus on children from working class backgrounds

MP questions Government on content of relationship education lessons

Emma Hardy MP asks an urgent question on relationship education

Lords debates post-18 education and funding

Members discuss review led by Philip Augar

More schools

Title Date
Lords debates Children's Homes regulations 19.06.2019
Lords debates equal opportunities for young people 17.05.2019
MPs debate Timpson review of school exclusions 07.05.2019
Committee question Lord Agnew and National Schools Commissioner Dominic Herrington 26.04.2019
OECD Education Director questioned on role of technology in the classroom 26.02.2019
Self-care and mental health focus of Government's new education guidance 25.02.2019