Pre-school education

Lords debates contribution of free schools

Peers consider state academies' role in improving educational standards

Lords debates challenges facing young people

Peers discuss education, health, employment and 'generation rent'

Lords debates funding for schools

Members consider impact of government approach

Lords debates early intervention in children's lives

Members consider welfare and social mobility initiatives

Non-Domestic Rating (Nursery Grounds) Bill: Lords third reading

Peers consider rate exemptions for plant nursery buildings

More pre-school education

Title Date
Secretary of State for Education questioned 21.06.2018
Impact on children of early years education examined 12.06.2018
Secretary of State questioned on the work of his Department 21.03.2018
Children and Families Minister questioned 14.03.2018
Families must be assured of access when free childcare extended 15.06.2016
MPs debate educational attainment in Yorkshire and the Humber 24.03.2016