Adult education

Lords debates workplace opportunities for young people

Peers discuss the Apprenticeship Levy

Lords debates post-18 education and funding

Members discuss review led by Philip Augar

Lords debates equal opportunities for young people

Members consider quality of life

Lords EU exit regulations 11 February

Professional qualifications and financial services under discussion

Committee holds final evidence session on Erasmus and Horizon

EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 9 January at 10.40am

More adult education

Title Date
Lords debates challenges facing young people 14.12.2018
Lords debates increase in violent crime 30.11.2018
Lords debates funding for schools 30.11.2018
Lords debates careers education and advice 07.09.2018
Lords debates higher education as an export 20.07.2018
Lords debates part-time and continuing education 06.07.2018