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Education news from UK Parliament.

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Government must act on 'ghost children' missing from education system
The Education Committee publish Government response to report
25 May 2022
Education Committee to scrutinise the Government’s SEND Review
The Education Committee will hold a one-off session examining the strengths and weaknesses of the recently published special educational needs and disability (SEND) Review
20 May 2022
Lords debates Queen's Speech
Lords debates content of the Queen's Speech following the State Opening of Parliament. Catch up
19 May 2022
'Chaotic' adult prison education system crying out for overhaul
Committee publishes their report, Prison education.
18 May 2022
Prison Education Report
Committee publishes its report on Prison education on Wednesday 18th May
16 May 2022
Headteachers and experts questioned on low uptake of physics and maths by girls
Science and Technology Committee examines why certain groups of children are underrepresented in STEM subjects
13 May 2022
Racial harassment in Higher Education: MPs ask how Government can address inequality
MPs will explore the effect of direct and indirect racism on university students and staff
13 May 2022
MPs investigate Government’s proposed changes to post-16 education
Education Committee examine the future of post-16 qualifications
22 April 2022
Lords debates multi-academy trusts
Members consider impact on the education of young people. Catch up
07 April 2022
Professional Qualifications Bill completes passage through parliament
Members consider Commons changes on consultation with devolved authorities. Catch up
06 April 2022
Lords debates five private members’ bills
Members discuss pensions, British Sign Language, game birds, glue traps and approved premises for substance testing. Catch up
28 March 2022
First session of post-16 education inquiry to investigate how UK compares to other OECD countries
Committee to take evidence from their inquiry on the future of post-16 qualifications
25 March 2022
MPs to investigate lower post-university employment rates for lower-income students
Education Committee questions key higher education stakeholders
18 March 2022
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