Public expenditure

Title Date
'Grave concerns' over department's approach to Brexit 25.04.2018
Auditor General discusses public sector outsourcing 24.04.2018
Government lacks clear plan to meet research investment target 20.04.2018
Faster action needed on lessons of WannaCry attack 18.04.2018
Academy accounts highlight potential risks to pupils and taxpayers 30.03.2018
NHS stuck in survival mode as focus remains on short-term fixes 27.03.2018
MoD needs coherent approach to increasing competition in procurement 23.03.2018
Government a long way from delivering 'rehabilitation revolution' 21.03.2018
Government still failing to get a grip on oversight of LEPs 16.03.2018
Bank's green intentions not adequately protected in sell-off 14.03.2018
New Chief Exec faces challenge to ensure CQC is fit for future 09.03.2018
Learndirect case highlights 'too big to fail' concerns in Government contracting 02.03.2018
Lords private members' bills 26.02.2018
Lessons of Thameslink critical to success of future rail projects 23.02.2018
Unknown costs of Brexit limit ability to react to economic shocks 26.01.2018
Flawed tagging programme a catastrophic waste of public money 24.01.2018
Abolish borrowing cap so local authorities can increase housing supply 22.01.2018
Threat to defence projects if Carrier Strike runs over budget 19.01.2018
Funding system failing people with continuing healthcare needs 17.01.2018
Taxpayers must not suffer as HMRC faces tough decisions on future 12.01.2018