International trade

Trade Bill: Lords third reading

Members discuss continued UK participation in EU and EEA organisations

Lords EU exit regulations: 14 March

Peers discuss mobile roaming, state aid and food imports

Financial services rules in the WTO explored by Committee

EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee hears evidence on Wednesday 13 March at 10.15am

Lords EU exit regulations: 25 February

Members discuss maritime trade, air security and market funds

Statement on UK interest in existing EU trade remedy measures

Dr Liam Fox, has given a statement on UK interest in existing EU trade remedy measures

More international trade

Title Date
Shadow Trade Secretary asks about replicating agreements after Brexit 13.02.2019
Lords examines Financial Services (Implementation of Legislation) Bill 07.02.2019
UK investment policy examined with experts 23.01.2019
Lords debates reconciliation in British foreign policy 17.12.2018
Lords debates UK economy 14.11.2018
Researchers discuss priorities for post-Brexit trade 23.10.2018