International economic relations

Sub-Saharan Africa - prosperity, peace and development co-operation inquiry launched

International Relations Committee publishes Call for evidence on Sub-Saharan Africa

EU exit regulation: 7 May

Image of sky scrapers

Members discuss financial services

Lords EU exit regulations: 1 May

Peers discuss sanctions regimes and human rights

Four short debates in the Lords

image of flooded street

Peers discuss overseas aid, climate change, rights of way and sexual violence

Trade Bill: Lords third reading

Members discuss continued UK participation in EU and EEA organisations

More international economic relations

Title Date
Lords examines Financial Services (Implementation of Legislation) Bill 07.02.2019
Government questioned as political standoff escalates in Venezuela 28.01.2019
Lords debates reconciliation in British foreign policy 17.12.2018
Lords debates UK economy 14.11.2018
Lords debates referendums in the UK 20.07.2018
Lords debates higher education as an export 20.07.2018