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World economy

World economy news from UK Parliament.

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Flag of Ghana
Lords debates trade deals with Cameroon and Ghana
Interim partnership agreements in the spotlight. Find out more
28 June 2021
Lords debates the economic value of biodiversity
'The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review' report in the spotlight for House of Lords debate. Find out more
29 April 2021
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Former US trade negotiator gives evidence on possible FTA
The EU International Agreements Sub-Committee continues taking evidence on UK–US trade negotiations
15 July 2020
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Inquiry on facilitating future UK–EU trade in manufactured goods launched
EU Goods Sub-Committee launches inquiry on tariffs
26 May 2020
Statement: Economic update
Rishi Sunak gives economic update to the House
17 March 2020
Lords discusses protection of the NHS
Members debate protection of the NHS in future trade deals
05 July 2019
Lords Committee to quiz experts ahead of G20
International Relations Committee takes evidence on 15 May at 10.40am
10 May 2019
Lords examines Financial Services (Implementation of Legislation) Bill
Peers consider progress of bill
07 February 2019
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Backbench Business Committee weekly meeting 31 January 2017
MPs bid for a number of debates including on the future of commonwealth trade
31 January 2017
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MPs to debate the future of the UK maritime industry
On Thursday 12 January MPs took part in a Westminster Hall debate
08 December 2016
MPs debate the UK leaving the EU & financial services
On 3 November MPs debated the effect of the UK leaving the European Union on financial and other professional services
27 October 2016
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EU Financial Affairs Committee holds seminar on the Greek crisis
Committee hosts a public seminar on Wednesday 15 July at 10.15am
15 July 2015
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