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Economy and finance

Economy and finance news from UK Parliament.

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Chair Comments on the new measures announced today by the Chancellor of the Exchequer
Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee Chair reacts to Chancellors announcement
24 September 2020
UK trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand examined
The International Trade Committee meet on 23 September on the UK’s Free Trade Agreement negotiations with Australia and New Zealand.
22 September 2020
Lords asks government to think again on Agriculture Bill
Members make changes regarding uses of pesticides, climate change and food standards
21 September 2020
Committee launch inquiry into the use of forced labour in UK value chains
Inquiry will explore the extent of UK business links to supply chains involving forced labour of Uyghurs in China
18 September 2020
Tax avoidance measures and new tax checks to be investigated by Lords committee
The Finance Bill Sub-Committee issue call for evidence
16 September 2020
EU and UK flags
Lords debates Trade Bill
Members discuss protections for the NHS and the environment
09 September 2020
Peers call for more transparency on trade deals
Letter from International Agreements Sub-Committee to Government about trade deals published
31 July 2020
Non-tariff barriers require urgent consideration in the UK-EU negotiations
The EU Goods Sub-Committee, chaired by Baroness Verma, writes to Michael Gove about its inquiry on Beyond tariffs: facilitating future UK-EU trade in manufactured goods
30 July 2020
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Report on Universal Credit will publish this Friday
The Economic Affairs Committee report on Universal Credit will publish on Friday 31 July
27 July 2020
Lords debates secondary legislation
Public health, local authorities and insolvency on agenda
27 July 2020
Government rejects EU COVID-19 vaccines scheme
The EU Environment Sub-Committee writes to the Government regarding decision
23 July 2020
Image of UK Parliament portcullis
International Trade Secretary discusses possible free trade agreements
The Secretary of State for International Trade appears before the International Agreements Sub-Committee on Thursday 23 July at 3.00pm
21 July 2020
Image of UK Parliament portcullis
Lords examines Business and Planning Bill
Members vote on alcohol containers and debt collection
21 July 2020
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