Ballistic missile defence

Lords debates Nato and UK defence

Peers discuss international security challenges

Lords debates capability of UK armed forces

Helicopter and troops

Current international situation under spotlight

Opposition Day: MPs debate Trident and HMRC office closures

Subjects for debate were chosen by the Scottish National Party

Lords debates UK armed forces

Peers consider the role of the armed forces

Defence Reform Act 2014: Journey through the Lords

New legislation on defence procurement contracts and reserve army forces

More ballistic missile defence

Title Date
Scottish Government goes on "Evasive Manoeuvres" over future of Trident 07.03.2013
Lords debates multilateral nuclear disarmament 25.01.2013
Lords debates China and multilateral disarmament 23.11.2012
Committee asks Scottish Government for formal response to Trident Report 14.11.2012
MPs discuss defence implications of a separate Scotland 12.09.2012
Urgent question on nuclear powered submarines 19.06.2012