Arms control

Sir Alan Duncan to outline Government's approach to nuclear diplomacy

International Relations Committee takes evidence on 6 March at 10.40am

Committee question Service Families Federations and Service Charities

Defence Committee explore a range of areas encompassed within the Covenant Annual Report 2018

NATO Official and European policy experts speak to Committee

International Relations Committee takes evidence on 6 February at 10.40am

Opposition asks urgent question on US withdrawal from nuclear treaties

Question comes as Russia follows US in withdrawing from INF treaty

Policy Experts give evidence on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

world map

International Relations Committee takes evidence on 23 January at 10.40am

More arms control

Title Date
Is the disarmament regime undermined by nuclear modernisation programmes? 09.01.2019
Lords debates reconciliation in British foreign policy 17.12.2018
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and nuclear disarmament inquiry launched 22.11.2018
Committees publish joint report on Government's arms export controls policy 18.07.2018
Ministry of Defence must uphold the Forces' Covenant 30.06.2018
Ministers questioned on armed forces mental health issues 26.06.2018