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Defence policy

Defence policy news from UK Parliament.

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Lords debates Ukrainian Navy agreement
Members discuss framework agreement for official credit support for naval development and capability. Catch up
06 January 2022
MPs hear from British Astronaut Major Tim Peake on Space Defence
On 14 December the Defence Committee will hear from British Astronaut Major Tim Peake
09 December 2021
Capita examined on the treatment of MoD contracted staff
On 7 December, at 14.30, representatives from Capita face questions from the Defence Sub-Committee.
03 December 2021
Oral evidence session on national security spending
An oral evidence session will be held on national security spending on Monday 29 November 2021.
25 November 2021
Minister questioned on Navy and Naval procurement
The Defence Committee explores issues raised over the course of the inquiry
29 October 2021
Defence Secretary questioned on UK withdrawal from Afghanistan
MPs question Secretary of State for Defence and Chief of Defence Staff on the UK withdrawal from Afghanistan
22 October 2021
Defence Committee examine the UK’s naval role in the Indo-Pacific
Australian Defence Minister, Christopher Pyne, to give evidence
17 September 2021
Defence Committee launches inquiry into US, UK and NATO
The relationships with NATO and the US are integral to the UK’s defence, and this inquiry will re-examine those relationships
22 July 2021
Defence to hold one-off evidence session on AJAX programme
The Defence Committee will hold an evidence session with the Minister for Defence Procurement
06 July 2021
Defence to hear evidence from US Lieutenant General (retired) Ben Hodges
Defence Committee will hear evidence from US Lieutenant General (retired) Ben Hodges, former Commanding General of the United States Army Europe
05 July 2021
Secretary of State for Defence, Ben Wallace, faces questioning from Defence Committee
Ben Wallace, will face questions from the Defence Committee on a range of topics
18 June 2021
Defence Committee hears from former First Sea Lord on future of the Royal Navy
The Defence Committee begins its inquiry into the role of the Navy and what capabilities it needs for its work
04 June 2021
Make UK Defence and Prospect questioned on UK arms exports in 2019
Committees on Arms Export Controls examines issues including the UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2019
13 May 2021
Overseas operations bill concludes parliamentary stages
Lords discusses torture offences and duty of care to service personnel. Find out more
29 April 2021
Lords debates reduction in UK development aid
Members discuss impact on achieving the objectives outlined in the Integrated Review. Find out more
29 April 2021
Total results 133 (page 3 of 9)