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Defence equipment and procurement

Defence equipment and procurement news from UK Parliament.

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Government questioned on Mechanised Infantry Vehicle Procurement
Defence Committee examines Mechanised Infantry Vehicle Procurement
24 April 2018
MoD needs coherent approach to increasing competition in procurement
Public Accounts Committee report urges MoD to ensure UK supplies are not disadvantaged by Brexit
23 March 2018
Secretary of State questioned on departmental priorities
Defence Committee questions Gavin Williamson MP on the Modernising Defence Programme
21 February 2018
Loss of amphibious ships spells "Sunset for the Royal Marines"
Committee sets out the series of challenges faced by the Royal Marines in recent years
04 February 2018
MoD has little flexibility to deal with changing military priorities
Public Accounts Committee publishes report on the MoD's 10-year equipment and support plan
25 April 2017
Ministry of Defence must resolve challenges of unsustainably large estate
Public Accounts Committee report on the risks of the MoD's management of its estate
22 March 2017
£178 billion defence equipment plan examined
Public Accounts Committee challenges the MoD on its 10-year equipment and support plan
01 March 2017
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Minister for the Middle East gives evidence to Committee
International Relations Committee takes evidence on Thursday 2 March at 11.30am
28 February 2017
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Service family accommodation has failed families for years
Public Accounts Committee publishes report on the providing of service family accommodation
13 July 2016
Defence Secretary questioned on use of drones for targeted killing
Joint Committee on Human Rights questions Defence Secretary on UK's policy for use of drones for targeted killing
16 December 2015
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