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Defence equipment and procurement

Defence equipment and procurement news from UK Parliament.

Defence Committee revives Procurement and Prosperity inquiry
Committee announces the relaunch of its Procurement and Prosperity inquiry from the previous Parliament
10 March 2020
Defence Committee launch new inquiry into defence industrial policy: procurement and prosperity
The Defence Committee launches an inquiry into the defence industrial policy of the Ministry of Defence, exploring procurement policy in relation to UK prosperity
23 July 2019
RUSI event on Lords Committee nuclear risk report
Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) will host a discussion on the International Relations Committee's report, ‘Rising Nuclear Risk, Disarmament and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty'.
14 May 2019
Lords debates 70th anniversary of Nato
Members discuss military alliance's role in UK defence and security
03 April 2019
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Yemen: giving peace a chance debated by Lords
House of Lords debates the International Relations Committee's short report, Yemen: giving peace a chance
27 March 2019
Sir Alan Duncan to outline Government's approach to nuclear diplomacy
International Relations Committee takes evidence on 6 March at 10.40am
01 March 2019
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Government updates MPs on plans for the defence estate
Minister Tobias Elwood gives an update on 'A Better Defence Estate'
28 February 2019
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Ministry of Defence must act now on unaffordable equipment plan
Government must urgently take decisions on defence priorities
01 February 2019
Is the disarmament regime undermined by nuclear modernisation programmes?
ternational Relations Committee takes evidence on 9 January at 11.10am
09 January 2019
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Defence Secretary gives statement on the Modernising Defence Programme
Defence Secretary gives statement to Commons
18 December 2018
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Lords debates reconciliation in British foreign policy
Peers consider British strategies
17 December 2018
UK and French Defence Committees question MoD on Anti-Ship Missile Systems in joint evidence session
UK and French Defence Committees examine Guto Bebb MP in unique session
12 July 2018
Defence Committee publish Government Response on amphibious capability
Government re-states commitment to the future of the UK's amphibious forces
16 May 2018
MoD lacks funds to buy all the equipment it says it needs
Public Accounts Committee report warns uncertainty over affordability gap reduces ability to make informed decisions
11 May 2018
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Committee questions National Security Adviser on Modernising Defence Programme
Committee explores what the implications of the Government's new national security policy might be for Defence
01 May 2018