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Veterans news from UK Parliament.

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Defence to hold session on mental health of Armed Forces and Veterans
The Defence Committee will reflect on any updates since the Committee’s reports on mental health were released in the last parliament.
08 January 2021
Minister updates MPs on support for veterans' mental health
Minister for Defence People and Veterans has made a statement on the mental health of those who have served in the military
12 March 2020
Government questioned on investigation of veterans who served during Troubles
2015 Stormont House Agreement ruled out statute of limitations for Troubles killings
16 May 2019
Committee questions Secretary of State
Committee questions Secretary of State for Defence on his priorities for the Ministry of Defence
22 January 2019
Committee further explore protection of Veterans
Defence Committee examine how former service personnel can be protected from the spectre of investigation and re-investigation
08 January 2019
Lord debates Veterans Strategy
Peers discuss government plan for former military personnel
16 November 2018
Committee examines provision of mental health care to veterans
Committee hear how GPs and Psychiatrists currently provide care to veterans and their families with mental health issues
09 November 2018
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Lords debates Armistice centenary
Members mark anniversary of First World War ceasefire
06 November 2018
Mental health and the armed forces: the provision of care
Defence Committee takes evidence on the current provision of mental health care
11 September 2018
Veterans are not ‘mad, bad or sad', says Defence Committee
The public perception that most Servicemen and women are damaged by their service is wrong, say Defence Committee
25 July 2018
Ministers questioned on armed forces mental health issues
Defence Committee explores mental health needs of serving personnel and veterans
26 June 2018
Protecting veterans from the spectre of investigation and re-investigation
Committee launches inquiry into protecting veterans from investigation and re-investigation for events that happened years earlier
12 June 2018
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UK Military Operations in Mosul and Raqqa
Committee examines the challenges faced in conducting operations in Mosul and Raqqa
10 May 2018
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