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Defence news from UK Parliament.

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Lords debates reduction in UK development aid
Members discuss impact on achieving the objectives outlined in the Integrated Review. Find out more
29 April 2021
National Security and Investment Bill completes final stage
Bill awaits Royal Assent
28 April 2021
Sub-Committee on Foreign Involvement in the Defence Supply Chain publishes Special Report
Letter and Government response to Foreign Involvement in the Defence Supply Chain report published
27 April 2021
Women in the Armed Forces Sub Committee hears from MOD
Defence Sub Committee examines issues including tackling unacceptable behaviours and reforms following the Wigston Review
26 April 2021
Defence launches inquiry into Navy and Naval procurement
The Defence Committee launches its inquiry into the Navy and Naval procurement.
23 April 2021
Lords debates security, defence, development and foreign policy
Members discuss government review
23 April 2021
Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill publishes final report on Bill
The Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill publishes its Special Report
22 April 2021
Committee examines National security machinery
Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy explores the structure and operation of the National Security Council
21 April 2021
Defence and Security Industrial Strategy examined
The Committee will discuss the Government’s Defence and Security Industrial Strategy (DSIS) with Professor John Louth, independent author and defence analyst, and Paul Hough, defence business consultant
19 April 2021
Conflict Armament Research questioned on UK arms exports in 2019
Committees on Arms Export Controls explores the UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2019
15 April 2021
Navy in the Integrated Review examined
The Defence Committee explores what the government’s Integrated Review means for the Royal Navy
13 April 2021
Line-by-line continues on the Armed Forces Bill
Committee to continue line-by-line scrutiny of the Bill
30 March 2021
Report: Defence’s Contribution to the UK’s Pandemic Response
The Defence Committee publishes its report on the UK Armed Forces’ response to the coronavirus pandemic.
25 March 2021
Ministers questioned on Armed Forces Bill
Select Committee on the Armed Forces Bill focuses on veterans’ healthcare and mental health provisions
23 March 2021
Two former Chief of Defence Staff to be questioned on Integrated Review and Global Britain
The defence Committee continues its inquiry: Defending Britain in a competitive age
22 March 2021
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