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Defence news from UK Parliament.

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Industry experts questioned on Navy and naval procurement
The Defence Committee explores whether naval procurement and support plans are delivering the capabilities the Navy needs
28 June 2021
Tobias Ellwood issues statement marking Armed Forces Day
Chair of the Defence Committee, Tobias Ellwood MP, has issued a statement to mark Armed Forces Day.
26 June 2021
Committee on Armed Forces Bill welcomes written statement on Special Report
Select Committee on Armed Forces Bill Chair responds to the Government's written statement
23 June 2021
MPs to hold a general debate on UK defence spending
MPs to hold a general debate on UK defence spending
22 June 2021
Secretary of State for Defence, Ben Wallace, faces questioning from Defence Committee
Ben Wallace, will face questions from the Defence Committee on a range of topics
18 June 2021
Former US National Security Advisor questioned on National security machinery
Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy examines the read-across from the US national security system to the UK’s own machinery
16 June 2021
Defence Committee hears from former First Sea Lord on future of the Royal Navy
The Defence Committee begins its inquiry into the role of the Navy and what capabilities it needs for its work
04 June 2021
Sarah Atherton MP: Complaints System process has ‘regressed in critical ways’and ‘real changes are needed’
Service Complaints Ombudsman annual report found that the Complaints System is “not yet efficient, effective and fair”
28 May 2021
Defence to launch Sub-Committee on the Treatment of Contracted Staff for the MOD’s Ancillary Services
The intention is for this to become a Sub-Committee, to be chaired by Martin Docherty Hughes.
28 May 2021
Space in modern warfare inquiry launched by Defence
Committee launches its inquiry into the role of space in modern warfare and security.
27 May 2021
Tobias Ellwood writes to MoD following publication of AFV Government response
Committee publishes Government response and writes to Jeremy Quin, Minister for Defence Procurement, raising concerns
21 May 2021
Lords debates Queen's Speech
Members discuss foreign affairs and defence on the last of five days of debate on the Queen's Speech. Find out more
20 May 2021
Make UK Defence and Prospect questioned on UK arms exports in 2019
Committees on Arms Export Controls examines issues including the UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2019
13 May 2021
Highlights from the 2019-21 session in the Lords
Read more about the House's work checking and revising legislation, debating key issues, and scrutinising the decisions and actions of the government.
07 May 2021
Overseas operations bill concludes parliamentary stages
Lords discusses torture offences and duty of care to service personnel. Find out more
29 April 2021
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