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Defence news from UK Parliament.

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Defence Committee makes statement on the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine
The Committee expresses its firm support for the government and people of Ukraine
22 February 2022
Defence sector to give evidence on opportunities for Scottish industry
The Scottish Affairs Committee continues to take evidence on its inquiry, Defence in Scotland: Military Personnel and Estate
16 February 2022
Russia-Ukraine crisis explored with RUSI and Foreign Policy Research Institute
Defence Committee examines Russia and Ukraine’s military capabilities, as well as potential invasion scenarios
07 February 2022
image of a protest
Lords debates growth of autocratic regimes
Members consider impact on global democratic norms and UK response. Catch up
04 February 2022
Committee launch inquiry on Indo-Pacific
The Defence Committee inquiry focuses on the importance of the Indo-Pacific to the UK
01 February 2022
MPs hold evidence session exploring Defence in Scotland
The evidence session will take place on Monday 31 January
27 January 2022
Defence holds session on use of military to counter migrant crossings
On 26 January, at 09.30, the Defence Committee will hold an evidence session
25 January 2022
Defence Committee to hold session on use of the military to counter migrant crossings
The Defence Committee explores the process that led to the decision to start Operation Isotrope
19 January 2022
Lords debates AUKUS nuclear agreement
Members debate new deal for exchange of Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information. Catch up
18 January 2022
Ministers Jeremy Quin and Leo Docherty face questions from Defence Sub-Committee
The Defence Sub-Committee hears about the treatment of contracted staff for the MOD’s Ancillary Services
12 January 2022
Lords debates Ukrainian Navy agreement
Members discuss framework agreement for official credit support for naval development and capability. Catch up
06 January 2022
UK military ship
Armed Forces Bill completes passage through Parliament
Members conclude considerations of Commons reasons on amendments. Catch up
15 December 2021
“We’re going to need a bigger Navy”
Defence Committee finds that the next decade is one of significant risk for the Royal Navy's fleet
14 December 2021
MPs hear from British Astronaut Major Tim Peake on Space Defence
On 14 December the Defence Committee will hear from British Astronaut Major Tim Peake
09 December 2021
Capita examined on the treatment of MoD contracted staff
On 7 December, at 14.30, representatives from Capita face questions from the Defence Sub-Committee.
03 December 2021
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