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Defence news from UK Parliament.

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Experts questioned on 2017 Arms Export Controls Annual Report
Committees on Arms Export Controls examines the 2017 Annual Report
17 May 2019
Minister for Defence procurement examined
Defence Committee questions Minister for Defence Procurement
16 May 2019
Government questioned on investigation of veterans who served during Troubles
2015 Stormont House Agreement ruled out statute of limitations for Troubles killings
16 May 2019
RUSI event on Lords Committee nuclear risk report
Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) will host a discussion on the International Relations Committee's report, ‘Rising Nuclear Risk, Disarmament and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty'.
14 May 2019
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UK participation in CSDP missions and operations after Brexit report debated
Lords debate EU Committee's report, Brexit: CSDP missions and operations on 15 May 2019.
13 May 2019
Former Chief of the Defence Staff questioned on Modernising Defence Programme
Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy examines the Modernising Defence Programme
10 May 2019
Urgent question on NSC leak following dismissal of Defence Secretary
Prime Minister sacked Gavin Williamson over Huawei leak
02 May 2019
UK's vulnerability to hybrid threats examined
The Defence Committee's inquiry is examining the danger posed by hybrid threats to the UK and how the UK Government is preparing its response
25 April 2019
Threat of nuclear weapons use has risen, says Lords Committee
International Relations Committee publishes report into the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and nuclear disarmament
24 April 2019
Committee question former Foreign Secretaries Jack Straw and Lord Hague
Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee explore the authorisation of military force
23 April 2019
Lords debates 70th anniversary of Nato
Members discuss military alliance's role in UK defence and security
03 April 2019
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Yemen: giving peace a chance debated by Lords
House of Lords debates the International Relations Committee's short report, Yemen: giving peace a chance
27 March 2019
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Changing threats to UK national security examined
Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy questions exports on national security
14 March 2019
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Committee question academics on UK response to hybrid threats
Defence Committee examines what the tools, methods and objectives of the actors which use hybrid warfare are
05 March 2019
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Lords private members' bills
Animal welfare and anonymity for arrested persons on agenda
04 March 2019
Total results 348 (page 15 of 24)