Lords debates Queen's Speech 2019

House of Lords chamber full of Members

The House of Lords debates the Queen's Speech 2019

House of Lords Private Members' Bills ballot results 2019

66 Lords Private Members' Bills drawn in ballot

Urgent Question on the Turkish incursion into northern Syria

Tobias Ellwood asks urgent question to Foreign Secretary on the situation in Syria

Level of the threat that drones pose to the UK examined

Defence Committee continues inquiry examining the risk of terrorists and other extremists maliciously using drones within the UK

Defence Committee launch new inquiry into defence industrial policy: procurement and prosperity

The Defence Committee launches an inquiry into the defence industrial policy of the Ministry of Defence, exploring procurement policy in relation to UK prosperity

More defence

Title Date
Military Exercises and the Duty of Care: Further Follow-Up 22.07.2019
Members recommend an increase in the defence budget 21.07.2019
Committee to publish Lessons from the First World War Centenary report 12.07.2019
Rising nuclear risk report debated by Lords 11.07.2019
Hybrid threats to the UK examined 28.06.2019
Debate to be held on Combat Air Strategy progress 07.06.2019