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Sports news from UK Parliament.

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Celebrating Lords Paralympians and Olympians
Throughout the Japan 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we are celebrating the success and work of House of Lords Olympians and Paralympians.
25 August 2021
MPs call on the Government to launch a nationwide campaign to get children active again
Covid-19 pandemic left grassroots sport organisations in ‘precarious’ financial situation
29 July 2021
Sport allowed to ‘mark its own homework’ on reducing concussion risks
Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee publish concussion in sport report
22 July 2021
FA pressed for answers on the Euro 2020 final security incident
DCMS Committee call on the FA to provide further detail on the safety and security measures taken at the Euro 2020
14 July 2021
MPs to hold a debate on a motion relating to the Beijing Winter Olympics and Chinese government sanctions
MPs to hold a debate on a motion relating to the Beijing Winter Olympics and Chinese government sanctions
13 July 2021
Lords debates UK tourism
Members discuss recovery of UK tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more
25 June 2021
MPs to debate petitions relating to football governance
MPs to debate petitions relating to football governance
10 June 2021
Decisions of the Petitions Committee, 18 May 2021
The Petitions Committee considered all e-petitions which had, before 13 May 2021, had reached over 10,000 signatures and received a Government response. The Committee also considered a number of e-petitions with over 100,000 signatures that were awaiting debate.
19 May 2021
Major sporting organisations questioned on managing concussion in sport
Sporting organisations responsible for supporting athletes face questions on the management of head trauma in sport.
14 May 2021
Gordon Taylor appears before MPs examining concussion in sport
Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee examines the role of players’ organisations in dealing with concussion in sport
22 April 2021
MPs to call in major stakeholders over European Super League proposals
Committee announce an evidence session to examine the impact of the European Super League proposals
20 April 2021
CHAIR COMMENT: European Super League
Chair comments on proposals for a European Super League
19 April 2021
MPs to hear from athletes, campaigners and governing bodies on brain injury in sport
Committee to take evidence from Chris Sutton and Kyran Bracken in the second session of the concussion in sport inquiry
19 March 2021
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