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Cultural heritage

Cultural heritage news from UK Parliament.

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Lords discusses Windrush Compensation Scheme
Members debate government plans to recompense deported citizens
07 May 2020
Lords debates challenges facing charitable and voluntary sector
Members discuss fundraising issues caused by Covid-19 pandemic
01 May 2020
Lords discusses role of the BBC
Members debate impact on UK culture and economy
06 March 2020
Lords debates persecution of religious people
Peers discuss persecution of people of faith
12 July 2019
Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) (Amendment) Bill: Lords third reading
Bill confers powers on museums to return lost items
03 July 2019
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Lords EU exit regulations: 3 April
Animal and plant health and flying flags on agenda
04 April 2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 27 March
Peers discuss Brexit delay and cross-border healthcare
28 March 2019
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Lords debates impact of sport, recreation and the arts on society
Members discuss contribution of cultural activities to nation's wellbeing
20 December 2018
Lords debates impact of Brexit on the arts
Peers discuss implications for cultural sector funding
12 October 2018
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Culture Minister discusses theatre industry skills
Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 28 March at 3.30pm
27 March 2017
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Countries of Culture inquiry launched
Culture, Media and Sport Committee launches inquiry into preserving and enhancing UK's cultural heritage
10 March 2016
Palace of Westminster restoration and renewal explored
Joint Committee on the Palace of Westminster hears evidence from a wide range of witnesses
29 February 2016
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Are we doing enough to protect the historic built environment?
Built Environment Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 11 November at 10.10am
10 November 2015
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