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The impact of body image on physical and mental health examined
Health and Social Care Committee questions guitarist James Brittain-McVey
04 March 2022
MPs examine Government support for UK tourism recovery post-Covid and Brexit
Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee holds evidence session on promoting Britain abroad
04 March 2022
MPs to question organisations in charge of sharing out National Lottery revenue to good causes
Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee examines how National Lottery distributors, responsible for allocating around £36m of lottery revenue every week, are sharing out funds
25 February 2022
MPs visit Knebworth House for inquiry on promoting Britain abroad
The house will host the first evidence evidence for their inquiry into promoting Britain abroad.
18 February 2022
MPs to examine challenges facing local news journalism
Committee launches new inquiry on the sustainability of local journalism
14 February 2022
Committee launches new inquiry into BBC future funding
The Communications and Digital Committee launches its new inquiry into the future funding of the BBC.
10 February 2022
MPs launch inquiry into establishing Wales as a global tourist destination
Committee launches an inquiry exploring the current position of the tourism sector in Wales
08 February 2022
Failure to prevent repeated online abuse should lead to fines for social media companies, say MPs
Committee publishes its report on 'Tackling Online Abuse’
01 February 2022
Lords debates private members’ bills
Members debate employment rights, online pornography and lowering voting age. Catch up
31 January 2022
Tech minister questioned on influencer regulation
Chris Philp, Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy, will face questions on how the government plans to regulate and protect influencers
28 January 2022
Chair comments on Ofcom Chair appointment deadline extension
Chair Julian Knight MP said the search "would put a reality TV series to shame".
27 January 2022
MPs question Advertising Standards Authority on influencer regulation
MPs question senior figures in the Advertising Standards Agency on influencer advertising regulation.
21 January 2022
Government urged to work with EU Member states on arrangements for touring creative professionals
The House of Lords European Affairs Committee has today published a further letter to the Government on the movement of creative professionals.
20 January 2022
England and Wales Cricket Board and Chairs of County clubs questioned racism in cricket 
Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee follow up its Report published last week on racism in cricket
17 January 2022
Social media giants questioned on online safety and influencer culture
Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee holds two separate evidence sessions
17 January 2022
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