Data protection

Lords EU exit regulations: 9 April

Members consider rules on personal data breaches, food additives and customer discrimination

DCMS Committee launches Sub-Committee to continue scrutiny of threats posed by ‘disinformation’

DCMS Committee launches Sub-Committee to continue Parliamentary scrutiny of threats posed by ‘disinformation’

Committee examine ethical and practical challenges of immersive technologies

Committee hear from academics and researchers on UKs readiness to deal with addictive technologies

World first Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation: Government Statement

Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries makes statement.

Government responds to security treaty report

The Government responds to Brexit: the proposed UK-EU security treaty report

More data protection

Title Date
Lords private members' bills 29.10.2018
Lords debates UK cyber threats 19.10.2018
Committee explores data sharing post-Brexit 23.05.2018
Data Protection Bill returns to the Lords 22.05.2018
Data Protection Bill: Commons consideration of Lords amendments 15.05.2018
House of Lords back to business 13.04.2018