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Privacy news from UK Parliament.

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Communications and Digital Committee publishes report on freedom of expression online
Communications and Digital Committee report on freedom of expression online published.
22 July 2021
Cabling and wires
Lords continues detailed check of Telecommunications (Security) Bill
Members discuss long-term strategy on telecommunications security and resilience and more as line by line examination continues. Catch up
16 July 2021
International Trade Committee reports on digital trade and data
The International Trade Committee has today published its report on Digital Trade and Data
28 June 2021
Loss of access to EU policing data post-Brexit concerning, Lords Committee finds
EU Security and Justice Sub-Committee publishes its report on Beyond Brexit: policing, law enforcement and security
26 March 2021
Committee holds evidence session on cyber threats and risks to the UK
Committee to examine cyber threats to the UK and UK military as part of the Defence Committee's inquiry into The Integrated Review – Threats, Capabilities and Concepts
06 November 2020
Committee to question local authority leaders on Covid-19 data transparency and accountability
Local authority officials questioned on the local implementation of the Government's three-tier strategy for tackling the spread of Covid-19
05 November 2020
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Defence chief, former Cabinet Secretary, Information Commissioner, UK statistics and NHSX bosses give evidence
Public Services Committee hears evidence on Wednesday 22 July 2020 at 3pm
21 July 2020
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Lords examines secondary legislation
Border security and single-use plastics on agenda
13 July 2020
Facebook and Google respond to Lords on online advertising and news
Responses from Facebook and Google to Committee published
06 July 2020
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Committee writes to platforms on balance of power with news publishers
Committee's letter to Facebook and Google published
26 June 2020
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Lords question government on Covid-19 and data protection
Members quiz the government in a virtual session on 18 May
15 May 2020
Facebook answers questions on response to hate speech and moderation
Democracy and Digital Technologies Committee will meet on Tuesday 17 March at 10.30am
16 March 2020
Activists and academics to discuss algorithmic design
Democracy and Digital Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 25 February at 10.30am
24 February 2020
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