EU law and treaties

Home Secretary questioned on post-Brexit policies

Home Affairs Committee hears from Sajid Javid MP

Citizens' rights and Brexit examined

Exiting the European Union Committee considers EU withdrawal negotiations

Prospects for EU enlargement in Western Balkans examined

Committee examines influences exerted by international actors present in Western Balkans

Devolution and Brexit discussed in Edinburgh

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee questions academics and MSPs

David Davis questioned on progress of EU withdrawal negotiation

Exiting the European Union Committee hears from Secretary of State

More eu law and treaties

Title Date
House of Lords back to business 13.04.2018
EU-UK trade agreement examined 20.03.2018
Legal concerns for UK after Brexit raised 20.03.2018
Chancellor and Brexit Secretary questioned on EU Withdrawal 06.03.2018
Former judges explore possible impact on jurisdiction of CJEU post-Brexit 17.11.2017
MPs debate exiting the European Union and global trade 06.07.2017