Religious discrimination

Lords debates increasing income equality and sustainability

IMage of paper money and cash

Impact of current health crisis under spotlight

Lords debates challenges facing charitable and voluntary sector

Members discuss fundraising issues caused by Covid-19 pandemic

Lords debates policy and topical issues

Members discuss trade, accounting, Indian citizenship and Traveller communities

Lords debates persecution of religious people

Peers discuss persecution of people of faith

Lords discuss antisemitism worldwide

Antisemitic discrimination under spotlight

More religious discrimination

Title Date
Places of worship protected security funding: Government statement 07.05.2019
"Football cannot be used as a cloak for racism and intolerance" 11.04.2019
Government questioned on far-right violence in wake of recent attacks 18.03.2019
"A mission bigger than politics", House of Commons debates antisemitism 20.02.2019
Lords debates Islamophobia in the UK 21.12.2018
Lords examines Conscientious Objection (Medical Activities) Bill 26.03.2018