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Religious discrimination

Religious discrimination news from UK Parliament.

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House of Lords Podcast: fighting for change
Human rights and support for victims of crime are two of the causes this month’s guests campaign for in the Lords. Hear from Lord Alton of Liverpool and Baroness Newlove on what inspires them and how they fight for change in the House of Lords.
26 March 2021
Lords debates increasing income equality and sustainability
Impact of current health crisis under spotlight
07 May 2020
Lords debates challenges facing charitable and voluntary sector
Members discuss fundraising issues caused by Covid-19 pandemic
01 May 2020
Lords debates persecution of religious people
Peers discuss persecution of people of faith
12 July 2019
Lords discuss antisemitism worldwide
Antisemitic discrimination under spotlight
21 June 2019
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Places of worship protected security funding: Government statement
Home Secretary makes statement on places of worship protected security funding.
07 May 2019
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"Football cannot be used as a cloak for racism and intolerance"
Government statement as footballers at all levels suffer racist abuse
11 April 2019
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Government questioned on far-right violence in wake of recent attacks
Janet Daby asks about Government's strategy to tackle far-right violence and online extremism
18 March 2019
"A mission bigger than politics", House of Commons debates antisemitism
MPs take part in general debate on the antisemitism
20 February 2019
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Lords debates Islamophobia in the UK
Members consider impact of hate crimes against British Muslims
21 December 2018
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Social media companies questioned on hate crime
Home Affairs Committee hears from social media companies on impact of hate crime
19 December 2017
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Race Disparity Audit examined by Committee
Women and Equalities Committee examines how people of different ethnicities are treated across public services
06 November 2017
MPs debate Holocaust Memorial Day 2017
On 19 January MPs took part in a general debate on Holocaust Memorial Day 2017
12 January 2017
Total results 29 (page 1 of 2)