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Age discrimination

Age discrimination news from UK Parliament.

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Barriers to electoral registration for older and disabled people examined by Committee
The Select Committee on the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 takes evidence on Tuesday 17 March at 3.30pm
13 March 2020
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Cognitive function and mental health in old age
Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 11 February at 10.20am
11 February 2020
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Human rights of many people with a learning disability and/or autism are being breached in mental health hospitals
Joint Committee on Human Rights publish their report on the detention of young people with learning disabilities and/or autism
01 November 2019
Lords debates policymaking and future generations
Members debate representation of future generations in policymaking
21 June 2019
Lords debates mental health of children and young adults
Peers mark Mental Health Awareness Week
17 May 2019
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Lords debates equal opportunities for young people
Members consider quality of life
17 May 2019
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Lords debates challenges facing young people
Peers discuss education, health, employment and 'generation rent'
14 December 2018
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Can we make the tax system fair to all generations? Committee ask experts
Select Committee on Intergenerational Fairness and Provision takes evidence on Tuesday 27 November at 11.40am
23 November 2018
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Lords debates early intervention in children's lives
Members consider welfare and social mobility initiatives
02 November 2018
Older workers failed by weak enforcement of age discrimination
Women and Equalities Committee publishes report on older people and employment
17 July 2018
Recruitment and re-skilling of older workers examined
Women and Equalities Committee questions policy experts on recruitment bias
24 January 2018
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Experts questioned on employment barriers for older people
Women and Equalities Committee considers older people and employment
13 December 2017
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Ofsted and charities for older and disabled groups appear before Committee
Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement takes evidence on Wednesday 1 November at 10.30am
31 October 2017
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