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Equality news from UK Parliament.

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Lords debates opportunities for women and girls
Members debate economic wellbeing, welfare and safety and opportunities. Catch up
15 July 2022
Transgender conversion therapy debated by MPs
Elliot Colburn MP, a member of the Petitions Committee, has been asked by the Committee to open the debate.
08 June 2022
Media reporting of women in Parliament: Editor of Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday Editor writes to Committee Chair
Edward Verity also committed to appear before the Committee to give further evidence
26 May 2022
Call for evidence for National Disability Strategy inquiry in multiple formats
The Committee wants to hear from as many people as possible for their inquiry into the Government’s National Disability Strategy.
26 May 2022
Racial harassment in Higher Education: MPs ask how Government can address inequality
MPs will explore the effect of direct and indirect racism on university students and staff
13 May 2022
Government displays 'lack of will or care' to reduce disparities between ethnic groups
The Women and Equalities Committee has published the Government's response to their ethnicity pay gap reporting report.
13 May 2022
Lords debates two private members' bills
Members discuss new draft laws on minimum age for marriage and taxi access for disabled passengers. Catch up
04 April 2022
MPs scrutinise unequal maternal health outcomes
MPs will explore the efforts made so far to tackle disparity and areas that need urgent attention.
24 March 2022
Parliament view from South Bank
Government misses clear opportunity to bring Gender Recognition Act into the modern day
The Women and Equalities Committee publishes the Government's response to its report on the Reform of the Gender Recognition Act
24 March 2022
Lords International Women's Day debate
Members discuss the UK's role in furthering gender equality. Catch up
18 March 2022
Westminster Hall to hold a general debate on gender specific religious persecution
MPs to hold a general debate on gender specific religious persecution
14 March 2022
Action needed to avoid losing a generation of women in politics
The Women and Equalities committee publishes their report on a gender sensitive parliament
02 March 2022
How does ‘levelling up’ fit with the Government’s existing equalities agenda? MPs to question Ministers
Women and Equalities Committee to hold session on Levelling Up and equalities
24 February 2022
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