Emergency services

Title Date
Deputy Speaker's statement on mistreatment of women MPs 25.01.2017
Policing and Crime Bill returns to the Lords 19.01.2017
British Transport Police questioned on rail safety 16.01.2017
Lords debates road traffic accidents 16.12.2016
Report identifies risk to UK if police lose access to EU tools 16.12.2016
EU policing and security issues examined 06.12.2016
Urgent Question: HMIC review Metropolitan Police handling of child sexual abuse cases 25.11.2016
Upgrading emergency service communication examined 16.11.2016
What is the police view of current licensing legislation? 08.11.2016
This week in the Commons: 31 October - 4 November 2016 04.11.2016
MPs debate community pharmacies and police officer safety 02.11.2016
Urgent Question on Orgreave: 1 November 2016 01.11.2016
Met Police Counter-Terrorism Lead discusses security co-operation after Brexit 21.10.2016
Crime Agencies and police representatives discuss Brexit and security 12.10.2016
What are the Government priorities for police and security during Brexit negotiations? 11.10.2016
MPs demand the Government redraft its Forensics Strategy 17.09.2016
Academics and NGOs questioned on UK-EU police co-operation post-Brexit 12.09.2016
Amber Rudd questioned on policing, immigration and counter-terrorism 07.09.2016
Urgent Question: inquiry into policing at Orgreave: 20 July 2016 20.07.2016
"Alarming" inconsistencies in policing across forces must be addressed 09.07.2016