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Crime news from UK Parliament.

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Work and Pensions Committee Chair Stephen Timms welcomes Government announcement on Online Safety Bill and paid-for adverts
Stephen Timms welcomes the Government's announcement that the forthcoming Online Safety Bill is to impose a new legal duty on social media platforms and search engines to crackdown on scam adverts
09 March 2022
Funding for stalking advocates to be debated by MPs
The petition to increase funding has more than 105,000 signatures
26 January 2022
Committee hears spiking victims’ experiences in new inquiry
The Home Affairs Committee holds the opening session of its new inquiry into spiking
10 January 2022
Former Home Secretary Lord Blunkett questioned by MPs on IPP sentences
MPs on the Justice Committee hear from Lord Blunkett as part of their ongoing inquiry into IPP sentences.
03 December 2021
Lords debates migrants arriving illegally
Members discuss migrants arriving in the UK illegally by boat under. Catch up
26 November 2021
Lords debates Uyghur population in China
Members discuss reported claims of genocide in Xinjiang, China. Catch up
26 November 2021
Dominic Raab to face Justice Committee for first time as Lord Chancellor
Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor Dominic Raab to make his first appearance before MPs on the Justice Committee
25 November 2021
Petitions Committee to question Government Minister on tackling online abuse
Committee to conclude its inquiry into Tackling Online Abuse
25 November 2021
Petitions Committee hears from social media regulation experts
On Tuesday 16 November, the Petitions Committee continues its inquiry into Tackling Online Abuse
11 November 2021
MPs examine calls for draft legislation to make online abuse of women and girls a legal offence
In its current form, the Bill does not explicitly name violence against women and girls.
22 October 2021
Treasury Committee presses tech giants further on Economic Crime
Treasury Committee publishes letters to tech giants
01 October 2021
Justice Committee launches inquiry into IPP sentences
The Justice Committee launches an inquiry into indeterminate sentences of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP)
21 September 2021
Treasury Committee to quiz online tech giants on Economic Crime
Representatives of major online platforms Google, Facebook, Amazon and eBay, will appear before the Treasury Committee
20 September 2021
Online Safety Bill: Committees warn Prime Minister over lack of action on harmful paid-for scam adverts
The Treasury Committee and the Work and Pensions Committee have written to Boris Johnson
23 July 2021
Call for evidence launched on new technologies in law enforcement
Justice and Home Affairs Committee launch call for evidence on new technologies for law enforcement
22 July 2021
Total results 312 (page 2 of 21)