Administration of justice

Title Date
Committee launches follow-up inquiry into civil justice cooperation post Brexit 15.05.2018
Five short debates in the Lords 11.05.2018
Lords considers Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill 11.05.2018
Legal experts discuss the proposed UK-EU security treaty 09.05.2018
Lord Chancellor gives annual evidence to Constitution Committee 09.05.2018
Committee publishes report on dispute resolution and enforcement post Brexit 03.05.2018
Lord Chief Justice questioned by Committee 23.04.2018
Urgent Question on Kerslake Arena Review 28.03.2018
Statement: John Worboys and the Parole Board: 28 March 2018 28.03.2018
Welsh language in prisons discussed in bilingual session 27.03.2018
Enforcement and dispute resolution post-Brexit explored with Ministers 27.03.2018
Lords examines Conscientious Objection (Medical Activities) Bill 26.03.2018
Legal and financial representatives discuss impact of Brexit 22.03.2018
Peers hear annual evidence from Supreme Court Judges 20.03.2018
Senior lawyer and former judge questioned on enforcement and dispute resolution post-Brexit 20.03.2018
Legal concerns for UK after Brexit raised 20.03.2018
Work of the Ministry of Justice examined 07.03.2018
Consultation responses to terrorism sentencing guidelines must be fully considered 27.02.2018
Committee questions experts on Transforming Rehabilitation 27.02.2018
Academics and think tanks questioned on enforcement and dispute resolution post-Brexit 27.02.2018