Crime, civil law, justice and rights

Title Date
What is the role of digital forensics in the Criminal Justice System? 23.11.2018
Can we make the tax system fair to all generations? Committee ask experts 23.11.2018
Access to rural transport and the fight against rural crime examined 23.11.2018
Crime (Overseas Production Orders) Bill: Lords third reading 21.11.2018
Civil Liability Bill returns to the Lords 21.11.2018
World first Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation: Government Statement 20.11.2018
How is forensic science delivered in Scotland and Northern Ireland? 20.11.2018
Ebola response update from Minister for State 20.11.2018
Children Act 1989 (Amendment) (Female Genital Mutilation) Bill: Lords third reading 20.11.2018
NHS Counter Fraud organisations give evidence on the Bribery Act 2010 20.11.2018
Committee takes evidence on hate crime and asylum accommodation 20.11.2018
Mental health of men and boys: inquiry launched 16.11.2018
Courts and Tribunals (Judiciary and Functions of Staff) Bill: Lords third reading 14.11.2018
Lord Blunkett questioned on reforms to immigration detention system 14.11.2018
Reform of the prison estate examined 13.11.2018
Labour attempts to force Government to publish Brexit legal advice 13.11.2018
Sir Brian Leveson gives evidence on the Bribery Act 2010 13.11.2018
No plans to change stop and search "reasonable grounds requirement" 12.11.2018
Minister and Intellectual Property Director questioned on Brexit impact 12.11.2018
20 years of the Human Rights Act: JCHR marks anniversary 09.11.2018