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Covid-19 news from UK Parliament.

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Covid-19 transmission, vaccines, and UK’s winter preparedness: MPs to hear from scientific experts
MPs to hear from scientific experts as it explores routes of coronavirus transmission, developments with vaccines, and the UK’s position approaching winter 2021/22.
25 October 2021
Lords debates Coronavirus Act 2020
Members debate the Act's provisions and regulations on self-isolation. Catch up
25 October 2021
Chair and CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Commission questioned 
Women and Equalities Committee explore topics including the EHRC’s response to the equalities impact of the Covid-19 pandemic
22 October 2021
Main Lords debate on Rating (Coronavirus) and Directors Disqualification (Dissolved Companies) Bill
Members debate key purpose and principles. Catch up
20 October 2021
Government policy on long-term growth scrutinised
The Treasury Committee explores the Government’s long-term growth strategies
19 October 2021
MPs question new head of NHS England on tackling backlog
Health and Social Care Committee questions Amanda Pritchard
19 October 2021
Lords debates social care
Members debate the challenges following the pandemic, the effects of the Health and Social Care Levy and and the government's social care plans. Catch up
15 October 2021
Coronavirus: lessons learned to date report published
Covid vaccine programme “one of most effective initiatives in UK history” but delay to first lockdown a “serious error” that should have been challenged.
12 October 2021
Black History Month 2021: House of Lords
Find out about Black members past and present and House of Lords work on issues affecting Black communities
01 October 2021
Government must learn lessons from the use of criminal law in the covid-19 pandemic
Committee publishes report on Covid-19 and the criminal law
24 September 2021
MPs take evidence on the labour market after Coronavirus
The Treasury Committee takes perspectives from employers, workers and labour market economics experts
20 September 2021
MPs take evidence on the recovery in the aviation sector
The Transport committee examines the recovery of airlines and airports from the coronavirus pandemic
20 September 2021
International Trade Committee to question experts on COP26 and trade
The International Trade Committee will take evidence from experts and a Minister on COP26 and international trade
20 September 2021
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