Office for National Statistics questioned on the Census 2021

Women and Equalities Committee holds one-off session to examine preparations for the Census 2021

Lords debates increase in social housing

Peers consider commitment to reduce housing costs and homelessness

Lords debates local authority services

Members discuss capacity to deliver services to communities

Tenant Fees Bill: Lords third reading

Members consider interest on payments to enforcement agencies

Academics questioned on Planetary Health

Environmental Audit Committee examines the impact on food systems; housing, cities and urban planning; behavioural change and global solutions

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Title Date
Lords debates Islamophobia in the UK 21.12.2018
Lords debates impact of sport, recreation and the arts on society 20.12.2018
Lords debates challenges facing young people 14.12.2018
Design experts and UK ports sector give evidence to Committee 04.12.2018
Lord debates Veterans Strategy 16.11.2018
Lords debates impact of welfare cuts on families 02.11.2018