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Elderly people

Elderly people news from UK Parliament.

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A busy House of Lords chamber looking towards the throne
2022 in the House of Lords
Catch up on a packed year in the Lords with 5,244 changes to 100 bills, plus questions and debates in over 3,350 hours of business.
19 December 2022
A man sits on a sofa speaking to his older father
House of Lords Podcast: adult social care, and children and families
This month we speak to two members who have been leading investigations into improving adult social care and how the government has incompletely implemented the Children and Families Act.
08 December 2022
Adult Social Care Committee challenges government to urgent reforms in adult social care
Adult Social Care Committee publishes report A “gloriously ordinary life’’: spotlight on adult social care
08 December 2022
Autumn Statement lacks strategy and vision for adult social care committee tells Chancellor
Adult Social Care write to Chancellor of the Exchequer and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
28 November 2022
Parliament concludes scrutiny of Health and Care Bill
Bill becomes an Act of Parliament. Catch up
27 April 2022
Human Rights in care settings inquiry hears views from representatives of care providers
The Joint Committee on Human Rights continues its inquiry into protecting human rights in care settings taking evidence from care providers and experts.
08 March 2022
Four short debates in the Lords
Members discuss Taiwan democracy, new peerages, Northern Ireland and older workers. Catch up
04 March 2022
Michael Gove to face questions from committee of MPs on constitutional issues
Michael Gove answers questions on his remit as Levelling Up Secretary and Minister for Intergovernmental Relations
25 February 2022
Mental capacity and protection of human rights in care settings examined
The Joint Committee on Human Rights continues its inquiry into the protection of human rights in care settings
22 February 2022
Lords debates rising cost of household energy
Members discuss cost of living and the role of the consumer protection regulatory regime in energy markets. Catch up
04 February 2022
Mass displacement of people on agenda in Lords debate
Members discuss UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ estimate that 82.4 million people are displaced worldwide. Catch up
07 January 2022
Lords debates migrants arriving illegally
Members discuss migrants arriving in the UK illegally by boat under. Catch up
26 November 2021
Members raise topical and current issues in Grand Committee debates
Lords debates social care, the treatment of people with autism, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, and UK business with Africa. Learn more
27 October 2021
Total results 83 (page 1 of 6)