Children and families

Early years intervention examined with social services and public health

Science and Technology Committee looks at the opportunity local authorities see in early intervention

Lords debates impact of Brexit on UK health

Doctor with chart

Peers discuss welfare of citizens and residents

Lords considers Family Relationships (Impact Assessment and Targets) Bill

Public body requirements and government reporting under spotlight

Lords examines Conscientious Objection (Medical Activities) Bill

Peers discuss objection to ‘hands-on’ involvement in medical procedures

Representatives from organisations developing early intervention programmes questioned

Science and Technology Committee explore evidence-based early-years intervention

More children and families

Title Date
Children and Families Minister questioned 14.03.2018
Lords private members' bills 26.02.2018
Five short debates in the Lords 19.01.2018
Lords debates the number of vulnerable children in England 15.12.2017
Lords debates role of education in society 11.12.2017
Lords debates UK economy 05.12.2017