Communities and families

Lords examines Census (Return Particulars and Removal of Penalties) Bill

Peers discuss guidance on non-compulsory questions

Lords debates Children's Homes regulations

Members scrutinise government changes to adoption register

Lords debates gender equality, women's rights and health

image of woman and children in desert scene

Peers consider UK's international role

Lords debates Access to Palliative Care Bill

Peers discuss specialist training and young patients' needs

Lords discuss inequality since financial crisis

Members debate income, wealth and living standards since 2008

More communities and families

Title Date
Lords debates public services and support for the elderly 14.06.2019
Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill: Lords third reading 13.06.2019
Lords examines Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) (Amendment) Bill 13.06.2019
Cross-party motion on Brexit, tabled by the Opposition, is defeated 12.06.2019
DWP Minister questioned on Universal Credit and survival sex 11.06.2019
Lords debates NHS care home payments 11.06.2019