Communities and families

Lords debates Carers Action Plan 2018-2020

Peers consider Government plans to improve carer support

How should children be better protected online?

Communications Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 19 June at 3.30pm

Lords debates government approach to illegal immigration

Peers consider impact of 'hostile environment' policy

Lords debates 150th anniversary of the Trade Union Congress

image of union members marching

Peers discuss contribution to industrial, social and political reform

More communities and families

Title Date
Lords debates Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill 12.06.2018
Impact on children of early years education examined 12.06.2018
Statement on Grenfell Tower: 11 June 2018 11.06.2018
Race Disparity Audit: Government must act now 11.06.2018
Lords debates vulnerable persons resettlement scheme 08.06.2018
Impact of social media on young people’s health examined 22.05.2018