Communities and families

Lords debates economic lessons of Covid-19

Members consider measures to repair UK economy

Lords questions government on education, child safety online and Covid-19

Members quiz the government from 11 in Lords Questions

Lords examines Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Bill

Members discussed broadband speeds and damage compensation

Policy bodies and think tanks discuss lessons for public services after coronavirus

Public Services Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 3 July at 3.00pm

Lords Oral Questions to government on 2 June

Universal Credit and TV Licence on the agenda

More communities and families

Title Date
COVID-19: the role of modelling in UK response 28.05.2020
Lords considers Covid-19 impact on museums and galleries 22.05.2020
Lords questions to government on 21 May 20.05.2020
Lords question government on Covid-19 and NATO on 19 May 18.05.2020
Lords debates food supply and security 15.05.2020
Lords discusses permanent housing for homeless people 15.05.2020