Communities and families

Lords private members' bills

Photo of Lords Chamber with members sitting

Christian marriage, family impact assessments and criminal records on agenda

Urgent Question on Grenfell Tower

Question asked by John Healey in the House of Commons

Committee questions Ministers on Universal Credit

Work and Pensions Committee questions UK and Scottish Ministers on the work incentive

Five short debates in the Lords

Phot of Victoria Tower through gap in trees

Full day of debates for Lords

Government's complacent attitude has failed homeless

Public Accounts Committee report says extent of homelessness across England is a national crisis

More communities and families

Title Date
Lords debates the number of vulnerable children in England 15.12.2017
Lords debate Financial Exclusion Committee's report 14.12.2017
Ministers questioned on government's integration and citizenship strategies 13.12.2017
Lords debates role of education in society 11.12.2017
Lords debates UK economy 05.12.2017
Deputy Mayor, religious leaders, and academics give evidence to Committee 04.12.2017