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Regulation news from UK Parliament.

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Lords concludes line by line scrutiny of Automated Vehicles Bill
Emergency service vehicles on agenda as committee stage wraps up. Find out more
12 January 2024
Data Protection and Digital Information Bill has second reading in the Lords
Lords consider AI in the workplace and EU data protection at second reading. Catch up
20 December 2023
Greater clarity needed on regulatory divergence issues, says Lords Windsor Framework Committee
Windsor Framework Committee publishes letter to the Foreign Secretary about regulatory divergence issues
19 December 2023
Lords debates Automated Vehicles Bill at second reading
Members discuss draft law to regulate safe rollout of self-driving vehicles in Great Britain.
29 November 2023
Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill completes parliamentary scrutiny
Members discuss small businesses and trail costs as anti-fraud bill set to become law. Catch up
26 October 2023
New inquiry launched into independence and accountability of UK regulators
The Industry and Regulators Committee has today published a call for evidence into its new inquiry into UK regulators, which will examine their relationship with Government and how they are held to account.
19 October 2023
Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill should not be weakened say Lords Committee
Communications and Digital Committee write to PM emphasising importance of maintaining judicial review appeals standard in bill
18 October 2023
Lords concludes examination of Non-Domestic Rating Bill
Final chance to ‘tidy-up’ bill. Catch up
17 October 2023
Government must get a grip on the haphazard implementation of environmental regulations
Lords Built Environment Committee publish report on impact of environmental regulations on development
21 September 2023
Government criticised for “lack of leadership” over water industry problems
Industry and Regulators Committee publish letter to Government highlighting lack of leadership on water inductry problems.
19 September 2023
Office for Students underperforming amid looming crisis in higher education
The Industry and Regulators Committee publish their report - Must do better: the Office for Students and the looming crisis facing higher education
13 September 2023
Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill receives Royal Assent. Catch up
21 July 2023
Terraced houses
Social Housing (Regulation) Bill returns to the Lords
Members consider Commons changes on social housing providers. Catch up
28 June 2023
Total results 153 (page 1 of 11)