International trade

Inquiry launched on Brexit: customs arrangements

Shipping containers

EU External Affairs Sub-Committee announces inquiry on future customs arrangements after Brexit

Samsung and techUK questioned on trade with developing countries

International Trade Committee examines Samsung’s existing trade relationship with Vietnam as a case study

Impact of post-Brexit trade on Welsh economy explored

Welsh Affairs Committee explores impact of different trading relations with EU and non-EU countries

Legal practitioners, industry and union representatives questioned

International Trade Committee examines UK Trade Remedies Authority

Statement on the protection of civilians in Afrin: 12 March 2018

Statement from International Development Minister in the House of Commons

More international trade

Title Date
Statement on US tariffs on steel and aluminium 12.03.2018
Minister questioned on UK-US Trade relations 07.03.2018
Government has much work to do to avoid cliff edge for non-EU trade 07.03.2018
Australia-US Free Trade Agreement examined 28.02.2018
Former Director General of the World Trade Organisation questioned 27.02.2018
Digital and travel sectors representatives give evidence in trade follow-up session 08.02.2018