Construction industry

Lords debates residential construction sector

Image of new houses

Peers discuss steps to boost housing supply

Lords EU exit regulations: 26 March

image of fishing trawler

Peers consider chemicals, fishing and agriculture

Lords EU exit regulations: 25 March

image of cows in a shed

Peers discuss farming, plant health and criminal justice

Trade Bill: Lords third reading

Members discuss continued UK participation in EU and EEA organisations

Lords EU exit regulations: 20 February

image of car exhaust

Peers consider cross-border mediation, vehicle emissions and animal health

More construction industry

Title Date
Lords EU exit regulations: 13 February 14.02.2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 6 February 07.02.2019
Lords debates increase in social housing 01.02.2019
Former HS2 Chairman and Transport Minister questioned by Committee 22.01.2019
Architects and engineers questioned by Committee 23.11.2018
Government’s industrial strategy examined by MPs 13.11.2018