Title Date
Aberdeen hosts discussion of oil and gas industry 25.06.2018
Lords debates 150th anniversary of the Trade Union Congress 15.06.2018
Lords examines Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill 14.06.2018
Urgent question on redundancies at Rolls-Royce: 14 June 2018 14.06.2018
Minister questioned on Off-site manufacture for construction by committee 05.06.2018
Statement on US steel and aluminium import tariffs: 4 June 2018 04.06.2018
Committee launches carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) inquiry 29.05.2018
Sainsbury's-Asda merger letters published 25.05.2018
Committee launch inquiry into automation and the future of work 24.05.2018
Committee talks to construction industry groups about off-site manufacture 15.05.2018
BEIS questioned on EU Commission's 'no-deal' stakeholder advice 15.05.2018
Five short debates in the Lords 11.05.2018
What are the barriers in the wider uptake of off-site manufacture? 08.05.2018
Development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles examined 08.05.2018
Does the UK have the skills to exploit off-site manufacture for construction? 30.04.2018
Can off-site manufacture improve productivity in construction? 24.04.2018
Campaign organisations questioned on gender pay gap 17.04.2018
Off-site manufacture for construction - Lords Committee launches a new inquiry 29.03.2018
Samsung and techUK questioned on trade with developing countries 28.03.2018
Carillion board's "greed on stilts" 26.03.2018