Lords private members' bills

Image of Lords Chamber

Peers discuss stalking, private parking facilities and civil partnerships

Lords debate Committee's report on consumer protection after Brexit

Consumer protection after Brexit debate takes place on 16 January

Lords examines Financial Services (Implementation of Legislation) Bill

Peers discuss limiting of regulations and financial competitiveness

Smart meters examined by Committee

Rachel Reeves MP announces public hearing on smart meters

Lords debates UK economy

Peers discuss nation's finances in light of Budget Statement

More consumers

Title Date
Lords debates UK cyber threats 19.10.2018
Lords debates careers education and advice 07.09.2018
Lords debates higher education as an export 20.07.2018
Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill returns to the Lords 19.07.2018
Lords debates personal savings 11.07.2018
BMW vehicle recall: Committee investigates timeline of events 26.06.2018