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Consumers news from UK Parliament.

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Lords passes Trade (Australia and New Zealand) Bill at third reading
Members discuss passage of bill through the House as Lords stages conclude. Catch up
21 March 2023
Terraced houses
Lords considers Commons changes to Social Housing (Regulation) Bill
Members discuss MPs' changes on low-cost accommodation and housing inspections. Find out more
17 March 2023
Cables attached to an internet router
Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill completes parliamentary scrutiny
Members agree to Commons changes as bill set to become new law . Catch up
17 November 2022
MPs to examine impact of connected tech and automation on employee rights
Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee explores the impact of wearable health devices in the workplace
31 October 2022
Lords examines Energy Prices Bill
Members discuss changes on scrutiny of ministers' powers and extending the scope of the scheme as detailed scrutiny begins. Catch up
25 October 2022
Venture Capital market explored by MPs
The Treasury Committee hears from industry representatives
24 June 2022
Professional Qualifications Bill completes passage through parliament
Members consider Commons changes on consultation with devolved authorities. Catch up
06 April 2022
Lords debates two private members' bills
Members discuss new draft laws on minimum age for marriage and taxi access for disabled passengers. Catch up
04 April 2022
Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill receives third reading in the Lords ahead of Royal Assent. Catch up
31 March 2022
Lords debates private members’ bills at second reading
Members debate seizure of cultural objects, support for those with Down Syndrome, compulsory motor insurance and animal welfare penalties notices. Catch up
21 March 2022
Lords examines Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill at third reading
Final chance to 'tidy-up' bill in the Lords. Catch up
16 March 2022
Four short debates in the Lords
Members discuss Taiwan democracy, new peerages, Northern Ireland and older workers. Catch up
04 March 2022
How have Brexit and Covid affected consumer law and enforcement? MPs to quiz experts
Committee will question experts from Which? the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, Citizens Advice and the Ombudsman Services on the UK’s consumer rights laws and enforcement
01 March 2022
Total results 127 (page 1 of 9)