EU grants and loans

Lords debates joint committee on no-deal Brexit

image of Union Jack and EU flags

Peers consider costs and implications of no-deal

Government statement on British Steel

Statement from Business Secretary

Lords EU exit regulations: 21 March

Members discuss railway licensing, health services and chemical safety

Lords EU exit regulations: 14 March

Peers discuss mobile roaming, state aid and food imports

Lords EU exit regulations: 12 March

Aviation, law enforcement and local government under spotlight

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Title Date
Lords EU exit regulations: 7 February 08.02.2019
Secretary of State questioned on next steps in Brexit process 06.02.2019
Lords debates creative industries 20.01.2017
Lords debates university and science funding 04.11.2016
Minister questioned on Brexit implications on UK steel sector 06.07.2016
House of Lords work on the European Union 25.04.2016