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Lords EU exit regulations: 13 February

Image of house roof under consstruction

Members discuss construction products and carbon capture

Shadow Trade Secretary asks about replicating agreements after Brexit

Barry Gardiner pushes the Government on trade agreements

Government Statement as Cairncross Review proposes regulating internet giants

Government -backed report suggest tech giants news content should be regulated

Lords EU exit regulations: 7 February

Members discuss wireless telegraphy and credit rating agencies

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Title Date
Lords EU exit regulations: 6 February 07.02.2019
Lords examines Financial Services (Implementation of Legislation) Bill 07.02.2019
Secretary of State questioned on next steps in Brexit process 06.02.2019
Lords examines Trade Bill 05.02.2019
Statement following announcement of Nissan's Sunderland decision 04.02.2019
Financial Reporting Council questioned on future of audit 04.02.2019