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Immigration news from UK Parliament.

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Home Secretary questioned on the work of the department
The Home Affairs Committee examines issues including the Windrush Compensation Scheme, domestic abuse and Covid-19 border policy
22 February 2021
Updated call for evidence: Windrush Compensation Scheme inquiry
Following changes to the Windrush Compensation Scheme, the Home Affairs Committee has issued an updated call for evidence.
11 February 2021
Committee to question Government's preferred candidate for Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration
Committee will question David Neal, the Government's preferred candidate for the role of Independent Chief Inspector
14 December 2020
Evidence session on Windrush Compensation Scheme
Committee takes evidence into inquiry on Windrush compensation scheme
07 December 2020
Committee to hear Ministers’ evidence on post-transition period agricultural labour
Committee concludes its final hearing into its inquiry Labour in the food supply chain
12 November 2020
Evidence session on channel crossings examines migration approaches in Australia and Norway
Questions will be put to Norwegian immigration and legal experts, and Australian academics
10 November 2020
Committee questions Minister on points-based immigration system, EU Settlement Scheme and Hong Kong visa offer
Evidence session will question Minister for Future Borders and Immigration
03 November 2020
Committee reports on Gibraltar-Spain border arrangements and European Investment Bank
In its latest report, the European Scrutiny Committee considers recent draft EU legislation and policy documents about EU identity cards and InvestEU deposited in Parliament by the Government.
21 October 2020
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Extradition (Provisional Arrest) Bill completes passage through both Houses
The bill will become law following Royal Assent
15 October 2020
Evidence session with Wendy Williams on Windrush Lessons Learned Review
The Home Affairs Committee explores the key findings and recommendations of the report
13 October 2020
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees questioned on Channel crossings
The Home Affairs Committee examines existing safe and legal routes for refugees and asylum-seekers to enter the UK
29 September 2020
Home Office “has no idea” of the impact of immigration policies
Committee publish their report Immigration enforcement
18 September 2020
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Draft agreement on unaccompanied migrant children discussed with experts
Security and Justice Sub-Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 7 July at 10.00am
03 July 2020
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Lords discusses Windrush Compensation Scheme
Members debate government plans to recompense deported citizens
07 May 2020
Climate change experts discuss impact on migration
EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence at 11.00am on Wednesday 11 March
11 March 2020
Total results 162 (page 3 of 11)