Lords discusses Windrush Compensation Scheme

Members debate government plans to recompense deported citizens

Lords questions government in oral questions on 6 May

Virtual questions session discussing the impact of Covid-19

Ministers questioned on the refugee crisis at the Turkish-Greek border

Joanna Cherry QC MP asked ministers to outline support for refugees at the border between Greece and Turkey

Refugee resettlement discussed with representatives from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

The EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence at 10.40am on Tuesday 29 January

Lords EU exit regulations: 23 October

EU elections, plant health and movement of services under spotlight

More asylum

Title Date
Statement on the major incident in Essex 23.10.2019
Asylum policy after Brexit considered in new report 11.10.2019
Concerns over refugee protection after Brexit raised by Committee 09.09.2019
Lords private members' bills 22.07.2019
Belgian Embassy discusses border and asylum cooperation after Brexit 15.07.2019
Immigration Inspector discusses UK asylum system 08.07.2019