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Asylum, immigration and nationality

Asylum, immigration and nationality news from UK Parliament.

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Unaccompanied child migrants failed by EU Member States
EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee published report on unaccompanied migrant children on 26 July 2016
26 July 2016
Minister questioned on work of Immigration Directorates
Home Affairs Committee questions Minister for Immigration
12 July 2016
Reform of the Dublin Regulation inquiry terminated
EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee inquiry into reform of the Dublin Regulation has been terminated
01 July 2016
EU Operation Sophia report debated by Lords
House of Lords debates EU Operation Sophia report on 15 June
13 June 2016
Dublin Regulation discussed by academics and think-tanks
EU Home Affairs Committee takes evidence on 15 June at 10.30am
09 June 2016
Archbishop of Canterbury gives evidence on migration and asylum
Home Affairs Committee examines migration and asylum with Archbishop of Canterbury and Migration Watch
07 June 2016
Home Office fails to remove 'small town' of foreign offenders
Home Affairs Committee publishes report on removal of Foreign National Offenders from the UK
03 June 2016
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EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee membership appointed
The EU Select Committee reappointed the Sub-Committee on 26 May 2016
26 May 2016
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EU Operation Sophia failing to disrupt people smuggling, says Committee
EU External Affairs Sub-Committee publishes report on Operation Sophia
13 May 2016
Government ministers give evidence on unaccompanied minors
EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on 20 April at 10.30am
14 April 2016
Academics and NGOs give evidence on unaccompanied minors
EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 23 March at 10.30am
18 March 2016
What legal challenges face unaccompanied minors in the EU?
EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 16 March at 10.30am
15 March 2016
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Operation Sophia: What steps could EU take?
EU External Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Thursday 10 March at 10.05am
08 March 2016
Government responds to EU Migrant Smuggling Report
EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee's Report of 3 November receives Government response
07 March 2016
Serious concerns over borders programme 'vital to national security'
Public Accounts Committee publishes report on failures of vital e-border programmes
04 March 2016
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