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Forestry news from UK Parliament.

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MPs explore impact of climate change on family farming in Wales
The impacts of climate change policy and free trade agreements (FTAs) on family farming in Wales explored by MPs
28 January 2022
Three private members' bills in the Lords
Members discuss hereditary peers, cigarette health warnings and addition of environment to the national curriculum. Catch up
06 December 2021
Trees in a wood
MPs question government on planting trees
MPs question government on planting trees and protecting nature
18 November 2021
Trees in a wood
Lords agrees improvements to Environment Bill
Members agree proposed compromises on courts' powers and reducing the impact of sewage discharges after asking the Commons to think again. Find out more
10 November 2021
Lords debates planning system and land use
Land use in spotlight as members debate integrating the planning system with other infrastructure, landscape and agricultural land processes. Catch up
28 October 2021
Nature-based solutions for climate change – inquiry launched
Science and Technology Committee launch inquiry into nature-based solutions to climate change
21 July 2021
Four short debates in the Lords
Members discuss human rights sanctions, housing developments on flood plains, Official Development Assistance and the Child Maintenance Service. Learn more
25 June 2021
Evidence Session: Tree Planting and Woodlands
Committee to hold an evidence session as part of its Tree Planting and woodlands inquiry
10 June 2021
Lords debates the economic value of biodiversity
'The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review' report in the spotlight for House of Lords debate. Find out more
29 April 2021
Four short debates in the Lords
Members discuss Body Mass Index, alcohol harm, COVID-19-related evictions and biodiversity emergency
23 April 2021
Lords debates net zero emissions targets
Members debate case for integrated UK policy-making
22 April 2021
Government's Tree planting targets examined by Committee
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee continues its tree planting and woodlands inquiry with an evidence session.
04 March 2021
Lords accepts trade standards compromise
Members discuss new free trade agreements as Agriculture Bill scrutiny concludes
10 November 2020
Total results 38 (page 1 of 3)